Musical Seminars in Psychology and Spirituality

Jay’s music expresses psychological and spiritual themes--the need for self-transcendence, for starting over, and the power of transformation through reciprocal relationship between different parts of self, and between self and others, and between self and “something higher.” His musical, psychological and spiritual interests have combined into a unique presentation including lecture, discussion, song and story, a Musical Seminar in Psychology and Spirituality. These seminars can be anywhere from half an hour to a day in length.

Jay Einhorn performs at a Musical Seminar

Jay performing at the Institute on Religion in an Age of Science conference, Chautauqua, N.Y.

This is an evolving presentation. It began with “Psychology, Society, and Song” at Goddard College in 2007; then evolved into “Opportunity’s Precious: Enhancing the Quality of Life,” for the Evanston group Faith In Action in 2008; again evolved into “Autonomy In Song and Spirit” for the Institute On the Religion In An Age of Science in 2009; and grew into a day-long workshop on “Religion, Spirituality, and Mental Health: Psychological Foundations of Self-Transcendence” in 2010 at the annual conference of Division 36 of the American Psychological Association (Psychology of Religion and Spirituality). Jay was invited to present “Psychological Foundations of Self-Transcendence” in four hour-long sessions for Congregation Beth Or in Deerfield, Illinois, in 2010. The next adaptation was as a presentation to therapists at the 2010 annual conference of the Illinois Psychological Association, “Incorporating Spirituality Into Clinical Practice.” He has also presented on “Incorporating Spirituality Into Clinical Practice” to a peer study group of therapists interested in spirituality.

The length of Jay’s Musical Seminar in Psychology and Spirituality is elastic; it can be presented as briefly as a half an hour presentation before or during a meeting, class, or worship service, or as long as a day-long workshop, and it could also be presented as a class over a number of weeks. It is suitable for presentation in classrooms and conference rooms, church and temple, and as a home concert/seminar. Contact Jay for further information.

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