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All songs words and music by Jay Einhorn, ©2015, 2016, 2017 except as noted.

Down the River to the Sea

Written by Nigel Hinton, arranged, guitar and vocal by Jay Einhorn, vocal by Robin Bisel, recorded by Dave Budrys.

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Standing in the Need of Prayer

Jay is joined by vocalist Donica Lynn and Dave Budrys on bass.

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This Little Light

My version of this song keeps the chorus and adds new verses – backup vocals by Donica Lynn and Dave Budrys.

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Ghost Wind

The past is sometimes not so far behind the present. Words and music, vocal and guitars by Jay Einhorn, bass, harmony vocal and engineering by Dave Budrys.

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Bass Solo: 1-20-17

Years ago I bought an acoustic-electric guitar bass on e-bay, bought a new set of strings for it, and never got around to playing it or changing the strings. Recently the thought of getting out the bass and installing the new strings just came to me, and this is the music that came out as soon as I had strung it. It wasn’t planned, at all. It does express a certain perception. I hope I’m wrong.

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Thunder in the Blood

A timely song. Words and music, vocal and guitars, Jay Einhorn, engineering and harmony vocal, Dave Budrys

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Lost and Found

We lose and find ourselves, again and again…

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Narcissistic Love

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Don Quixote’s Dream

Don Quixote’s Dream” was written by Canadian Singer-Songwriter Tim Harrison (thanks, Tim!), and I’ve adapted it. French psychoanalyst Francosie Davoine has written “Fighting Melancholia: Don Quixote’s Teaching,” finding depths of meaning in the story for mental illness and recovery. It’s a great story, and a great song.

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Onyx and Sapphire

Poet Deborah Ryel asked me to write a song based on the poem she wrote to her daughter, Margaret Lindsey, on her marriage, and here it is. Recording engineer Dave Budrys contributed harmonies, percussion and harmonium.

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Remember Oh Thou Man

Richard Thompson played this song on his great “Thousand Years of Popular Music” album, by Thomas Ravencroft (1588-1635). To my ear it could be older, a Troubadour song or evolved from one, circa 12th century. This song has become the foundation of a presentation I do on psychology, spirituality, and music.

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Always Heading Home

This beautiful song is written by Nigel Hinton, recorded with permission. Thanks, Nigel!

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My Heart’s Repair

I wrote this song for my wife, Cynthia, and sang it at our reception.

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Lover of Humanity

I’m a lover of humanity..but sometimes humanity makes it hard!

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I Got a Brain

This song is featured on episode 100 of the Brain Science Podcast, by Dr. Virginia Campbell.

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I Needed You

Most romantic relationships don’t become permanent, or even long-term, yet they become part of who we are, or who we become, in their giving and taking.  This song is part appreciation, part mourning.

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Drink of Life

I put three of Emily Dickinson’s mystical poems to music, somewhat reminiscent of the music of her time.

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Poems by Emily Dickinson used by permission of the Harvard University Press

Hole in the World

This song came to me as I left the memorial gathering for a friend.

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